Ecotourism Sensation

Rusinga Paradise Island

Rusinga Island is THE destination for a luxurious getaway in the middle of Lake Victoria. Choose between a magical and relaxing experience, enjoying the generous amenities of Rusinga Island Lodge, surrounded by the islands unique and diverse environment and an exciting sports adventure including sport fishing, water skiing and diving – or just do both. Come and feel the stress fall off your shoulders on Rusinga Island, Lake Victorias most versatile and exquisite ecotourism site.

  1. Relaxation at the Lodge
  2. Sport and water activities

Mfangano Fisher Island

Enjoy the un-spoilt landscape and surrounding on Mfangano Island - view the colorful life on the lake, where enchanting Luo fishing villages have not changed in centuries, the bird life is unsurpassed and you can spot otter families. Sensate the original culture and dive right in the authentic charm of the lake. A night at the Governor’s Camp enables you an exclusive and luxurious stay with a stunning view over the lake from the cottages. Mfangano Fisher Island is the perfect place for nature and culture lovers. Activities: Community Walk Boat ride Mfangano

Takawiri Beach Island

Come and experience Takawiri Beach Island, an island in the middle of the lake with paradise-like beaches similar to those ones at the renowned Kenyan coast. Explore the nature on relaxing strolls through lush vegetation on top of the hills or along the lakeshore. The island is famous for its diligent fishermen and the amazing sunset on the lake. For those ones interested in culture there is the unique possibility to visit a local Luo family and experience their day-to-day life.