Ecotourism Sensation


Who we are

Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria is a comprehensive online platform that provides a one stop shop booking process and promotes local crafts, through developing and showcasing, made by community members using resources like papyrus reeds, water hyacinth and fish scales available to them from the wetlands in the Lake Victoria.

Cottage Industry

Along the Lake Victoria region, there are numerous natural resources from the aquatic ecosystems that if exploited sustainably are used to make beautiful crafts. These include papyrus reeds, water hyacinth and fish. They are used to produce products like curios, home décor, furniture and other accessories. In so doing, the poor rural communities get to have a means of supporting their livelihoods.

Green Fund

We are incorporating the establishment of a green fund using some of the profits from the business that will be used in managing the threats reported and conservation of the said natural resources that will be being utilized.


Community based tourism in the aspects of cultural tourism, ecotourism and avitourism are the pride of the Lake Victoria region. From fisher villages like Dunga wetland to birds’ paradises in the beaches of Takawiri Island, the Lake region is a beautiful and breath-taking place to visit and get new experiences.

Our Products

Community Based ecotourism

avi tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism


marathons and races, capacity building activities, special occassions and exhibitions

Beautiful Local crafts

home decor, accessories and curios